The Weird Tourist Gallery

If you’ve viewed a few of the galleries on this blog, you may have noticed the lack of people in most of the photos. Saul and I seldom photograph one another, except for candid shots, usually when the other person is wearing a brightly coloured jacket and makes a good “landscape accessory”. That said, if Saul is the landscape photographer, I am far more likely to be politely asked to remove myself from his shot. The one thing we rarely do is take those posed tourist shots next to the iceberg/waterfall/statue. But judging by what everyone else around us is up to, we must be missing a trick. Sometimes other tourists’ photographic behaviour mystify me to such an extent that I succumb and take THEIR posed tourist shot instead of my own. This gallery contains some of these photographs.

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5 Responses

  1. Dianne says:

    Love it!!! Especially Saul’s stern pose!

  2. Jean Buckham says:

    Love that you photographed all those people without them knowing! And love the commentary.

  3. Natalie says:

    a different but most interesting and unusual view of. Your trip

  4. Simoni says:

    Interesting indeed, how bizarre is the drumming couple…

  5. San-Marié says:

    One can kind of understand it, though. You see the exultant beauty of icebergs on a black beach and you just want to… drum.

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