Monthly Archive: September 2015

An Interview with Myself

I was late for the interview.  So I was nervous.  This was the first interview that Burman was giving to a travel blogger and I didn’t want to blow it.  He had a reputation...

Sheep and Rettir Gallery

Black. White. Multi-coloured.  No matter the colour, they’re all fat.  A gallery for those passionate about sheep.  Admit it, this is the one that you’ve been waiting for.

East Iceland Gallery

Borgarfjordur Eystri is a tiny fishing village that attracts visitors with the magical hiking routes in its surrounding mountains and a large resident puffin colony. Given that the puffins had long since departed for...

The Self-Help Guide to Icelandic Weather

1. Jackets with hoods are great. Make sure you know how all the tightening mechanisms on all your hoods work (and can adjust them with one hand). 2. Parking the campervan close to the...

Silent Letters, Double Consonants and Murderous Midges

We should have known.  Myvatn.  The word rolls easily enough off the tongue until you reach the “n”.  Words that end with “tn” really should be discouraged, like goalkeepers named “Szczesny” and places called...

North Iceland Gallery

Overflowing with photographic opportunities, North Iceland is a hotbed of volcanic activity, grand waterfalls and moody coastal vistas. Just avoid the insects!  

Westfjords Gallery

Remote and rugged, the Westfjords are filled with towering waterfalls, craggy mountains and spell-binding beaches. These are some of our favourite images from this region.

Don Juan and the Westfjords

My friend Paul has a system. He uses it to determine how good-looking he is compared to the general population.  When he enters a room, an auditorium or a stadium, he decides, using purely...